Wayfinding and Directonal Signage | MarqueMakers | Sheffield

We produce flat and curved aluminium modular door or wall nameplates,  with DDA compliant Braille and Tactile clear insert.

Dimensions: 250 x 110 x 22mm ( W x H x D ),  many other size and designs available.

Diamond polished clear acrylic directional signs, with legislative braille & tactile components to face and glass etch effect PVC film to reverse, secured with 12mm diameter chrome panel fixing, providing 16mm projection.

Dimensions: 230 x 230 x 5mm ( W x H x D ), Bespoke sizes and designs available.

Floor directory sign, walnut veneered panel with pre-spaced vinyl lettering applied and aluminium accent edge detail, including laser cut stainless steel floor number, secured with 10mm stainless steel rod and aluminium fixings.

Dimensions: 450 x 305 x 8mm ( W x H x D ), Bespoke sizes and designs available.

Brushed aluminium floor level directory sign with PVC graphics applied, secured with 19mm diameter chrome panel fixings, providing 25mm projection.

Dimensions: 305 x 610 x 1.5mm ( W x H x D), Bespoke sizes and designs available.

Clear acrylic locational and directional signs, with chrome panel fixings.

Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 5mm ( W x H x D)  Bespoke sizes and designs available.

Cost effective directional wayfinding solution for business centres and parks, produced from aluminium composite panels with wide format digital prints applied and anti-graffiti protection film for low-level installtions.