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Projecting signs offer an excellent way of improving your high street visibility, traditional with decorative bracket and swinging panel as well as illuminated options are also available.

Zinc plated and powder coated durable gloss black steel bracket with framed timber sign panel inclusive of pre-spaced vinyl lettering.


Bracket: 1000 x 420mm

Sign Panel: 745 x 625mm

Typical Price: £500.00 +VAT + Delivery 

Deco style, gloss black steel bracket and UV stable moulded plastic panel with pre-spaced vinyl lettering applied.


Bracket: 750 x 380mm

Sign Panel: 600 x 400mm

Typical Price: £385.00 +VAT + Delivery 

A distinctive arched steel bracket with integral scroll detail, complete with a bespoke shield style hanging sign with gold graphic content.


Bracket: 800 x 680mm

Sign Panel: 675 x 500mm

Typical Price: £550 + VAT + Delivery 

Bespoke wall bracket swing sign:

Comprising of a powder coated durable black steel bracket with a hardwood framed Tricoya® painted sign panel, complete with LED trough lighting.


Bracket: 1000 x 420mm

Sign Panel: 825 x 625mm

Typical Price: £850.00 + VAT + Carriage

Bespoke traditional timber swing sign with arched top and ogee bottom. Complete with bespoke ornate steel bracket.


Bracket: 915 x 600mm

Sign Panel: 765 x 685mm



Typical Price: £700.00 + VAT + Carriage

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